About LUCE Fashion and Deco

Fashion and deco. LUCE is dedicated to fashion and ethnic decoration for both a cocoon and an original lifestyle. LUCE proposes a selection of decorative objects and fashion accessories in a chic, ethnic and bohemian spirit. LUCE selects designers, artisans and craftsmen and women all around the world. They are the ones who make its products, handmade with passion.

The story of LUCE Fashion and Deco

LUCE is the story of a small family, a mother and her three children. They were once in Bali, Indonesia. They fell in love with the inhabitants of this unique little island and decided to encourage the art of its artisans, to promote their work, to share it and to encourage it.

In Dempasar, they also met Balimum, a great fondation which aims to get children out of the poverty of the streets. Bailumum offers their mothers in sewing work and therefore gives them a remuneration that will allow their children to eat and to study.

LUCE always further

The history of LUCE Fashion and Deco now extends to other countries, India, Morocco. It extends to other women and men whom its founders had the privilege of meeting, to other arts and to other creations.
Thus, there is Laxmi, the queen of embroidery. A worthy representative of the Banjara of Rajasthan in India. This exceptional embroiderer has decided to bring this ancestral art back to life.

 She founded Surya’s garden to give work to Banjara women through this unique craft and help them live better.

There is also Abdulilah, the master of slippers.
A colossus with golden hands who works seated on a tiny stool in his stall in the souk of Marrakech. There he works with happiness and enthusiasm on LUCE’s fashion and decoration designs.

Fashion and decoration: unique creations

With them, and thanks to them, LUCE Fashion and Deco LUCE Fashion and Deco composes rich, and above all, exceptional collections.

Each of its fashion and decoration products is the result of a meticulous work. 

Some details may not be as perfect as those on manufactured items, but LUCE’s items are all made with seriousness, diligence, and above all, passion.

LUCE Fashion and Deco offers original, ethnic fashion accessories as well as decorative objects. 
All are handmade with passion! 
Fashion and Deco selects its collections of decorative objects among the creations of its master craftsmen and women.
Richly embroidered cushion covers, always executed in the greatest tradition and natural materials, evening, cotton, wool.Balinese dolls and even “Frida”, handmade in fabric, hand-painted wooden mirrors:

LUCE Fashion and Deco creations

LUCE Fashion and Deco also designs its own creations to offers collections of unique fashion accessories: bags, often very large, even XXL ones!, clutches, bags, or incredible slippers to be so chic downtown!

LUCE Fashion and Deco accessories are all available in limited series for a unique and chic, bohemian and ethnic look.

That’s LUCE!

Surya's Garden

Embroidery for life

Traditional clothes of Banjara women were greatly enhanced with these extraordinary embroideries. Today, thanks to Surya’s Garden, they assemble fascinating cushions covers and unique clutches. Their art finances a medical dispensary and a scholar program and a salary to the embroiderers.


Heroin Moms

Moms meet every day at the Bali Life workshop. There, they sew extraordinary dolls and funny animals, traditional bags and make jewelry… All their creations getting as pretty as original.
Thanks to this work, they do save their children from the streets
and are able to offer them an education at Bali Life Center.


The slipper’s master

He looks like a giant in his tiny workshop of this famous Moroccan souk. He speaks loudly and laughs just as hard. Sitting on a tiny stool, he cuts and sews every day of the year the most beautiful slippers in the world. His obsession: that his work is recognized at its fair value and that his customers are more than satisfied. Done !