Surya’s Garden

Banjaras come from the Marwar region of Rajasthan in India.
They were wealthy and some very famous nomadic traders who travel from India to Africa and even the doors of Europe.
Their women are famous for their beauty and their amazing colorful embroidered attire.

Today is another story… 
They struggle to maintain their traditions and their identity and life are often so difficult.

Banjara craftswomen embroider unique designs for a better life

That is why Laxmi Naik-Duclos decided to found an atelier dedicated to these women and their skills.
Now, over a hundred Banjara craftswomen work with her to produce these incredible patterns and colors.
They make bags, cushion covers.
The designs are inspired by the very ancient ones.
The fruits of this exceptional work allow Naik to finance scholarship projects for her people…

Handmade and unique pouches and cushion covers, a unique decoration and fashion by Banjara women !

Laxmi, founder of Surya's garden
From Surya’s Garden, we chose delicate pouches made in traditional fabric enhanced by an exceptional embroidery design on it frontside. 

Of course, each of them is unique… 

We also selected the finest cushion covers. 
The embroidery masterpiece is sewn on the most delicate wild silk or purest natural cotton dyed with plant pigments.