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LUCE selects the essentials of a look that is both unusual and unique. Accessories, bags, clothes searched for and found all over the world. Their common points? They are handmade and in very limited series. Just for you! 


SUPER XXL embroidered bag


SUPER XXL embroidered bag


LUCE’s SUPER XXL embroidered bags are unique! Inspired by traditional Indonesian bags, they are made and embroidered Balimums, by mothers to save their street children. They are enhanced and bordered by an exclusive embroidered pattern and authentic fabrics from the island of Borneo.

. Bag height: 45 cm s
. Bag width: 50 cm
. Sides: 10 cm
. Handles: 84 cm
Exclusive embroidery and authentic fabrics

This Luce creation is exclusive and limited!
These fabric and embroidery bags are handcrafted by precious craftswomen. Some details may not be as perfects as manufactured goods, but they are made with care, application and passion.

Weight 0.5 kg

20 in stock

They make LUCE !

Slipper Master’s

He works in his tiny workshop of this moroccan souk. Sitting on a stool, he cuts and sews every day of the year the world’s most beautiful slippers. 

Surya’s Garden

Laxmi is a Banjara embroidery expert.
She aspires to preserve and share this extraordinary and colorful traditional art.


Moms meet at the Bali Life workshop. Their creations are as pretty as original. Thanks to this work, they save their children from the streets.