Ethnic fashion in question…

4 looks to adopt ethnic fashion: special Moroccan crafts

Think outside the box, opt for ethnic fashion! Luce offers 4 original and bohemian-chic looks, with its most beautiful pieces of Moroccan craftsmanship.

Ethnic fashion, what is it?

Fashion draws its inspiration from the four corners of the globe. An ethnic garment is generally a piece designed in noble materials, in a traditional way, by local artisans. All the delicacy of an ethnic piece lies in the excellence of its craftsman.
Wearing ethnic clothing can be a way of claiming an identity that you want to appropriate, through your own origins for example.
For others, adopting ethnic fashion can also translate the desire to sublimate the know-how of a particular ethnic group or people, because we admire the delicacy of our work, because we support their culture.

Ethnic fashion is also a fundamental trend which underlines a need to stand out or to assert a bohemian chic style with pieces that are out of the ordinary.

We remain curious: of course, the idea is absolutely not to reduce a culture to a single craft, nor a single specialty.

Finally, choosing clothes and accessories from artisans from a particular country or from a specific ethnic group is also a way to wear authentic pieces and to thumb your nose at mass consumption and what we use to call “fast fashion”.

Look # 1 . Ethnic fashion: a colorful bohemian chic look for winter

Luce Kilim pouch for a great ethnic look
A Kilim Luce's pouch for an ethnic touch!

Here is a colorful look! The dark and silent winter is over.

The advantage of ethnic fashion is its originality. Opt for brightly colored accessories, such as our Kilim pouches, selected by Luce in Marrakech.
They are made from authentic pure wool rugs dyed with natural pigments.
Soft as fur, they will add pep to your outfit.

Look # 2 . Ethnic fashion: a casual look for going out in the city

What could be better than a large bag to put your whole life in?

And that’s just perfect, because Luce loves XXL bags! These are in leather and handmade by craftsmen who put their heart into it. They are available in very limited series on our e-shop

Luce's XXL Mushriq bag
Luce's XXL Mushriq bag

Look # 3 . Ethnic fashion: a casual look in slippers

Luce's Alsafari slippers
Luce's Alsafari slippers

Outside and inside, dare the slipper!

Comfortable and strong, we choose these slippers in a 100% genuine leather. Pease find here our entire Luce’s collection of handcrafted slippers. They come in different styles and colors that will give an ethnic chic touch to any outfit.

Look # 4 . Ethnic fashion: an ethnic chic look

The ethnic pouch, so chic!

Pimp up your season look with a colorful and ethnic handcrafted leather clutch.

Luce pouches are handcrafted by passionate artisans in Morocco.
Their Luce design is both chic and sleek. To wear under the arm, by hand, cross-body or on the shoulder.
They are available in several sizes and colors on our e-shop.

Luce's Deep red clutch in python print
Luce's Deep red python print pouch