Look idea: Such a chic ethnic clutch

Fan of the bohemian style? This season, warm up your outfit with an ethnic chic clutch.

Luce Yellow clutch pure leather
Our ethnic chic pouch in Yellow leather, available in several sizes, for a colorful look

The essential accessory for a bohemian chic look.
Our Luce Deep Red leather pouch. Minimalist or XXL, an ethnic clutch is the ally of a bohemian chic look!

Perfect for spicing up a basic outfit, the clutch is a must have. Lightweight, original and elegant, this is the accessory you need!

Do you like ethnic fashion but don’t dare take out your flowery skirts and knit crop tops in the middle of winter? For an assured bohemian look, bet on an ethnic chic clutch. It adds a touch of pep to a slightly dull look.
Whether you choose it minimalist or oversized to follow the season’s trend, there is something for everyone.

A natural chic ethnic clutch

A bohemian look is highlighted by natural materials. And your ethnic chic clutch is no exception to the rule!
Choose it in natural or vegan leather for a wild and durable effect, in cork or woven for a touch of lightness.

For a 100% original and truly authentic accessory, opt for a handmade pouch. In general, accessories made by artisans are the work of true enthusiasts.

Ethnic clutch Un grand marché
Ethnic woven (c)ungrandmarche.fr

You will find pretty hand-made pouches in your favorite bohemian boutique, or by bargaining directly with the artisans encountered during your travels.

A touch of color and cheerfulness

Luce Yellow clutch pure leather

Just choose an ethnic-inspired clutch bag to spice up your wardrobe. Cork or woven pouches allow a lot of creativity in terms of patterns, colors and prints. Embroidered with pearls or sequins, matched with feathers, fringes or pompoms, an ethnic clutch is a blend of colors and patterns. Gifting yourself an ethnic clutch this time of year will warm up any basic look.

Luce's selection of chic ethnic clutch bags

We fall for these ethnic and stylish models that will make you spend a colorful season! Discover more models on the page of our collection of ethnic handbags.

Luce Kilim Pouches

With their cheerful patterns and bright colors, Luce’s ethnic Kilim pouches brighten up the season! Handcrafted by artisans in Marrakech, they are made from authentic pure wool rugs dyed with natural pigments.
Several patterns are available.

Kilim pouches made in traditional authentic carpet
Luce's Kilim pouches collection

Luce leather pouch

Made of leather in an amazing python or camouflage print , they enhance your season’s look with an irresistibly chic touch… They can be worn under the arm, in the hand, over the shoulder, or on the shoulder.
Luce’s pouches are available in 2 or 3 sizes.

Berber pouches by Luce

Superb and very amazing, these Berber pouches are made with traditional rugs from the Moroccan Atlas. Their patterns and colors will for sure give character to your outfit.
To be carried in the hand or on the shoulder with the chain strap.
Several patterns are available.

Berber Pouches
Luce's Berber pouches Collection

And for more choices, discover our entire collection of ethnic clutch bags, and our collection of handbags handmade by artisans selected all around the world.