Fashion trend: the Babouche in & out!

We do dare to wear the Babouche in & out!

The master oh the babouches
Manufacture of an artisanal slipper

The babouche is part of the folklore of the populations of North Africa. Today it is a common shoe, but still worn during traditional ceremonies.
Covering the foot, it has the particularity of leaving the heel open. It is moreover from this originality that it gets its name, “papush”; “Pa”, which in Persian means “the foot” and “push”, “to cover”. 
It can be found today in all the souks of the Maghreb. But beware, not all slippers are created equal.

Emblematic of Moroccan fashion, the original slipper is in genuine goat, calfskin or sheep leather. Beware of imitations, which will probably not last over time.
The shape and name of slippers vary according to the regions where they are found.
The pointy-toed slipper, common and rather urban, is of Arab origin.
But there are also slippers with round ends, which have a more rural origin. They are still particularly worn among the Berbers.
Moroccan artisans are the masters of artisanal slippers. Leatherworkers and tanners for centuries, manufacturers

of Moroccan slippers have passed on their ancestral know-how for generations.
They have succeeded in making this traditional product a true flagship of their current heritage.

Abdulileh, the Masters's sleepers at work
An authentic work, a unique know-how

For her, for him: how to wear the babouche?

Mudafar slippers by Luce
Mudafar… A braided leather with golden highlights

At the time, slippers were traditionally worn by men.
Today, it is the ultimate unisex shoe! And since ethnic fashion has no gender, slippers go very well with all types of outfits for everybody and anyone.

Very soft, the slipper is arguably the most comfortable shoe in the world, hence its success for generations.
Its sole, thin and flat, could make it look like a slipper.

Wrooong! The babouche can be worn both indoors and outdoors.
They will delight all your (ethnic fashion) outfits with a delicious bohemian-chic touch.
Summer or winter, for a casual or more sophisticated look, the babouche hits the mark! They match perfectly with mum or boyfriend jeans, mini or midi skirt, for an offbeat vintage look.

Its artisanal, raw side contrasts beautifully with fine golden jewels.

The babouche is invited on fashion’s shows

the Altuzarra fashion show in 2021.

Strong in character, the babouche has conquered the catwalks in recent years.
Some daring designers are reinventing the original shoe.

Adorned with feathers, hair, thick leather or fine fabric: the greatest designers on the planet reinterpret this timeless model in their own way.

It is also a wonderful way to support artisanal creation and authentic trades: committed fashion!

Some examples of slippers revisited by the best designers

  • At the crossroads of the mule and the sleeper, it is available in an autumn-winter format at Victoria Beckham, who made it the centerpiece of her show in February 2016.
  • At Céline, it is adorned with a side buckle and merges with a pointed toe ballerina. The leather is thicker and harder than that which composes the original artisanal slippers.
  • It’s lighter at Balenciaga, to wear in the summer for going out at night or coming back from the beach. Delicate and flowery, they are covered with a fine canvas and white lace.
  • Gucci’s “backless loafers” are closer to the traditional, artisanal slipper spirit, decorated with embroidery and soft leather.