Ethnic chic cushion: instructions for use

In this article, we tell you about ethnic cushions, a must for ethnic chic decor!

Cushions, an essential of your decor that will bring personality to your interior.
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Luce Banjara embroidered cushions
Banjara cushion covers by LUCE

10 good reasons to love cushions

  1. Are you a fan of unique items? Handcrafted cushion covers are a great way to have designer pieces in your home.
  2. Cushion covers: so flexible! They allow you to vary your decor according to styles, mood, desires and seasons.
  3. Soft and cozy, the cushions bring comfort to your interior decoration.
  4. Sofa cushion, chair cushion, garden furniture cushion… Adapt the latest trends!
  5. Decor at a lower cost, buying cushion covers allows you to change your interior without too much commitment.
  6. Easy to maintain thanks to removable fabrics, cushion is so easy!
  1. Ethnic cushion, bohemian chic cushion, colorful cushion…
    Mix colors and patterns to create an eclectic decor.
    8. A cold, common, ordinary decoration: very little for you?
    Build your own style by varying the shapes and materials of your cushions!
    Freedom is the keyword!
  2. Black and white ethnic cushion, colorful ethnic cushion, beige, blue or yellow ethnic cushion: add touches of color to your interior by varying the pleasures!
  3. Play with the volumes of your furniture by associating cushions of different shapes.
La tendance coussin ethnique. Source - Hello Blogzine sur Pinterest
The ethnic cushion trend. Source: Hello Blogzine on Pinterest

So, convinced?
Follow the guide to adopt the ethnic chic cushion trend at home!

Embroidered cushions for a stylish decor

The cushions bring a warm and cozy feel to an interior design. To adopt the ethnic trend, consider embroidered patterned cushions!
A successful ethnic decor is a clever mix of harmony and colors: it’s all about the right amount, so as not to make your interior “Too much!”.
An ethnic cushion cover will go perfectly with a beautiful handcrafted rug.
Matching, mismatched?
It’s up to you !
There remains the question of the reasons. Rhombuses, triangles, lines, squares? Berber ethnic cushion with fine embroidery or colorful ethnic cushion in color block mode? Play around with styles to find the perfect ethnic patterned cushion!

For a rather ethnic chic cushion decoration, we will try more to calm the ensemble: black and white, gray, taupe ethnic cushion, beige or pastel colored ethnic cushion.
The key is to create a harmonious atmosphere that suits you. Do not hesitate, to avoid monotonousness and weariness, to add a few touches of color that will give character to your interior!

Un intérieur bohème et ethnique. Source - Gabrielle Charlier sur Pinterest
A bohemian and ethnic interior. Source: Gabrielle Charlier on Pinterest