LUCE: the return of craft into fashion

Is craftsmanship the future of fashion? In any case, this is LUCE’s bet! In this article, discover why we are committed to working with artisans and craftspeople from around the world to offer you more sustainable, ethical and better quality fashion.

A bias against fast fashion

Fast fashion is the result of mass industry, applied to the fashion sector: clothes and accessories that are “consumable” quickly, of poor quality, manufactured at low cost in often deplorable conditions. As a result, a hell of an ecological disaster.
But fast fashion also poses a great ethical problem: how far can we bear to buy products at the expense of the planet and the human health of the workers who create them?
In 2015, the Dutch trends consultant Lidewij Edelkoort shatters the abscess by publishing her “Anti Fashion Manifesto”, a scathing report

Berber Pouches
LUCE’s BERBER pouches produced in an ultra limited edition come from Morocco

 on the state of our “fashion system”, its consequences, and its link with the evolution of our society.

Why wish for the return of craftsmanship?

Faced with a fast fashion that advocates excess, craftsmanship has many advantages:

Luce Mudafar handmade mules babouches
LUCE’s MUDAFAR slippers, handcrafted by the slippers Master of Marrakech
  • an ethical mode of production which respects human dignity;
  • valuing the diversity of talents, creations and daring in fashion! ;
  • the opportunity to transmit, much more than a ready-to-wear product, a history and values;
  • a short circuit which allows product transparency and traceability;
  • Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, producing less and of better quality is therefore a solution for more sustainable fashion.

Handcrafted pieces are treasures that reflect the secrets and traditions of the men and women who create them. The fruit of manual know-how, handmade clothing and accessories have real added value: that of passion. Pieces created in limited series, a pledge of unparalleled quality and authenticity, which respect decent production rhythms, this is LUCE’s commitment!

Another mode is possible

Producing less and better to change the fashion system: this is the credo of Anti Fashion.
At LUCE, we have chosen to work only with artisans and craftsmen from around the world to create our ranges of bags, slippers and decoration.
They are friends, fellow travelers, or quite simply creators that we admire superbly. In this context, we want more than ever to promote craftsmanship and support ancestral and local know-how to enable them to shine around the world.

Handmade fabric dolls
LUCE’s Frida Kahlo dolls, created by hand by the women of the Balimum

Craftsmen and designers, we are proud to support the richness of your traditions of excellence!

Focus: LUCE and its craft-creators: Laxmi, queen of Banjara’s embroidery
Laxmi the Banjara enbroiderer
Laxmi, queen of Banjara’s embroidery

The Banjaras are a tribe of Marvar, a region of Rajastan in India. Historically famous for their incredible embroidery.
We met Laxmi, who continues the tradition for LUCE by creating unique patterns in vibrant colors for our collections.

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