Christmas bohemian style decor

Let's adopt a bohemian-style decor at Christmas.

Tired of your red and green (so Grinch!) Christmas decor?  This year, adopt the bohemian style for Christmas. A warm and authentic decor, without any frills!

It’s time to switch to a soft and warm atmosphere that suits the season so well.

Let’s go into a cocooning mode
A cocooning Christmas ©

Which bohemian style decor for a cocooning atmosphere at home?

First, Luce presents you a warm and natural colors. Beige, camel, ocher, brown, which can be enhanced with deeper and shimmering colors to warm up the atmosphere. 

Then, let’s build the decor!
Hang up your soft slippers on the wall, and choose a bohemian style decor and some soft and 

warm materials such as wool, wood,  cotton, fur -natural or fake. it’s up to you…
For an
ethnic and authentic side, take out your most beautiful traditional fabric cushion covers to dress up your sofa. An artisanal woven and colorful plaid will accompany them wonderfully with its comforting warmth.

A DIY Christmas decoration.

This year, you will make your Christmas decoration yourself!

Pinterest is your best ally for a natural bohemian style decoration and 100% recycled. With tutorials, trendy ideas, and inspirations from elsewhere, you will find there everything to dress your interior with a delicious bohemian chic touch.

Here is a small selection of the best bohemian style decor inspirations, easily achieved with natural products:

A DIY Christmas decoration
A DIY Christmas decoration © WKNDLA

Enough to keep young and old children busy until Christmas day!

Opt for an artisanal Christmas decoration.

Discover our collection of Balinese dolls, handmade by women from the Balimum association.
Balinese dolls, handmade by Balimum's moms ©Luce

Want a change in your Christmas decor?

Choosing to showcase the talents of local artisans can be a great alternative to the mass consumption that surrounds the holiday season. Renew your decor, yes, but on the condition that you choose it sustainable and authentic. For this, you can count on the artisans of our beautiful regions. 

It’s time to go out and take a tour in the small shops downtown to find the bohemian-style decor you are dreaming of.

For an original Christmas and a top-notch bohemian-style decor, you can also quite simply sprinkle your interior with traditional objects brought back from your travels. Hollow nativity scene from Peru, handmade Balinese dolls, ceramics from Bangladesh, Nepalese garlands… Just let your creativity run wild!

Luce loves the craftsmanship of the world! Discover our entire collection of bohemian chic decorations.

Adopt an alternative and original Christmas tree.

If you want to inject a little originality into your bohemian-style decor, why not shake up your Christmas tree habits a little?

Change your traditional Christmas tree for a more facetious Christmas tree, even downright DIY!
Whether your motivation is ecological or a question of style, all the reasons are good to dare an alternative and original tree this year.

Here are a few ideas you might like:

A DIY Christmas decoration

And if you really like to get your hands dirty, create your original bohemian-style decor for your Christmas tree by decorating it with garlands of flowers and dried fruits.

Give pride of place to vegetal this Christmas.

Give pride of place to vegetal

And we’re not just talking about the tree!
There is a multitude of creative ideas for greening your decoration at Christmas time.

Make a bright decoration in large vases by mixing pine cones and LED garlands, thin and golden.

Dress up your staircase descent with fir branches, why not color to your liking…

Create your own Christmas crib with reclaimed materials and vegetal moss.

Personalize your gift wrapping with delicate branches, pine cones, dried leaves, or even if you find any, fine leaf skeletons!

Decorate your guests’ table with golden walnut shells, fruit studded with cloves, or sprinkle with dried flowers.

You can make pretty candle holders from a flask or glass bottle sprinkled with holly leaves.

Recycle your pampas to create beautiful XXL bouquets in the colors of your Christmas theme.

Paint a few leaves of your eucalyptus bouquet in gold to add a chic and festive touch!

So, are you ready to renew your decor this Christmas? Let’s go!