Charity, Mom and children

Hope, dignity and purpose

Hope, dignity, purpose are the key words of BaliLife Foundation. An australian charity absolutely dedicated to poor people and among them, children and their mothers.

Hope by providing the basic needs of the disadvantaged community.
Dignity by teaching moral principles and basic values.
Purpose by training and giving skills for the future.


Its values are excellence –doing our best; integrity –tell the truth and humility –humbly at serving, giving, and receiving.
That means to see the unprivileged people given another chance of being successful and reach their dreams.
To raise young people to lead and be an independent and responsible generation in order to succeed in the nation. To be an example for any non-profit organization throughout Indonesia and beyond.

Offering the chance to succeed

The point is to see disadvantaged people give themselves another chance to succeed and achieve their dreams. Also to raise young people to lead and become an independent and responsible generation in order to make the nation successful.

BaliLife Foundation​ has been created in 2005 when Brad, Australian, and his wife, Siska, Indonesian, met a 9 years old boy who lived on the streets of Kuta. They had to explain to him that they could not take care of him… 

Children at Balimum workshop

But back in Australia, they alerted their parish and motivated a generous donor. BaliLife Foundation was created!

A workshop for the mothers, a haven for the children

Among other projects and especially achievements, BaliLife Foundation has created a workshop for women: BaliLife women’s workshop. This workshop set up in a large house with an equally large garden in a quiet area of ​​Denpasar. The house is kind of a house of happiness.
The children run all around, they take a nap near their mom, they participate in learning activities. The older ones go to school and participate in housing. They no longer roam the streets by day like night begging.

Their mothers work, one cuts, another one sews, this one cooks.
BaliLife taught them crafts like sewing, macrame, embroidery…
Thanks to these achievements and especially to this shelter where they can spend the whole day in confidence and in complete safety, they make magnificent objects and clothes.
This is their job. And it is a paid job that allows them to take their children off the streets.

Luce's selection

This is where Luce crossed paths with the BaliLife Foundation. This is where Luce met the children, artisan mothers, and the wonderful Netty who runs the whole small organization: purchase of materials, definition, and choice of models, production, organization, and sale in craft markets and other partner shops at the like Luce.

Magic fabric and embroidery dolls

We fell in love with the beautiful dolls made from traditional fabric, Balinese dolls, Frida dolls with eyebrows, and costumes just like the original one!
They are just beautiful and real
lucky charms.

Frida Kahlo Balimum dolls
Sac brode super xxl_Luce

Fantastic XXL bags

Then, convinced by the relevance and the quality of the work carried out by the mothers of the workshop, by its mission, and above all by the demonstration of its effectiveness, we asked Netty to fix up the production of traditional bags redesigned in the Luce way. A small Luce moon adorns each of these so original bags, so practical and so Boheme, it is Luce’s Super XXL embroidered bag!