The must have for a bohemian-chic style

Bohemian chic style: must have

How to appropriate the bohemian-chic style from the start? We tell you more about the must have of the season.

Leather dresses up your bohemian chic style

Ramal sleepers and Precious wickered bag
Giulia wears our Ramal leather slippers and our Precious leather and basketry bag.

Whether you prefer it vegan or natural, nothing looks better than a leather accessory. Smooth, crocodile or python effect, there is something amazing for everyone!
It will dress wonderfully:
. your thin or studded belts;
. your bags 
Luce chooses them XXL to put your whole life in, or in leather and wickerwork for a guaranteed bohemian chic effect!  👉  All our leather bags

.  your jackets, perfect with jeans or on a little bohemian chic dress;
.  your pretty shoes. 

And why not some amazing slippers, for an original casual chic style!

They will be perfect at home or in the city for an offbeat and deliciously vintage look.
👉 I adopt Luce’s bohemian slipper style 

To find beautiful bohemian leather accessories, don’t hesitate for second-hand clothes shops!
They are full up by clothes that will delight your bohemian chic style.

Otherwise, just trust the creators of your favorite bohemian boutique.

They will offer you handmade pieces, loaded with unique know-how.

A bohemian hat for a preppy-chic look

Looking for a bohemian accessory to fit up your look this season?
With the day gradually fading and the return of cooler weather, hats are out for a perfect bohemian chic style!
Say goodbye to the straw that showcased your golden reflections on the beach, make way for the soft felt that will keep your head sheltered from the coolness.
With ribbon, fringes or why not a feather for a 100% bohemian chic spirit.
Originality is yours!

In terms of colors, we will opt for a black, nude, white, beige, ocher hat or even shimmering chocolate which is wonderfully suited to the season.
The more adventurous of you will dare pastel colors such as lilac for example. Very trendy in 2020!

Just wear a hat !
A nude hat perfect for fall. Source: Unsplash

For small budgets, you will find the perfect hat at Zara, Mango or Asos

If you want a beautiful hat that lasts for several years, your happiness will be at Foxters, an online store that offers beautiful brands in bohemian chic style.
For more originality, shop around, search, compare, look for the rare pearl on the secondhand side or in your favorite bohemian boutique.

What about fringes ?

What about fringes?
The fringes bring a delicately bohemian touch to your outfit. Source: Unsplash

With their little retro look, fringes are not to be left out for a boho-chic style. As a real ethnic fashion detail, they add a real and perfect wild and stylish note to your look.


Wear them in small touches to avoid the disguise effect.
Well-proportioned, the fringes fit perfectly with all your outfits and revive basics lacking originality such as denim jackets or sober t-shirts.

How to wear fringes in a bohemian chic style without turning cowgirl?

Nothing easier, try them:
. on a floral kimono in the colors of autumn,
. on a leather bag or embroidered bag ,
. on suede boots in beige or camel tones.

Mid-season boots

Boots are a must-have for back to school. Ideal for mid-season, the boots adapt to your look. They will be perfect with a little floral dress, accompanied by a vintage denim jacket for an assumed bohemian chic style. Feminine and comfortable, they add a folk touch to your style.

The ideal room? Boots in split leather or camel-colored suede that will go perfectly with your outfits and your bohemian accessories. In leather or synthetic, with heels for a cowboy style or flat with laces for more comfort, the choice is yours!

Mid-season boots
Brown suede boots for a bohemian chic style for the start of the school year. Source: Unsplash.

All shades of white

All shades of white
A natural white dress to dress with a leather perfecto or a beautiful denim jacket. Source: Unsplash.

White, ecru, beige, nude and all their shades are popular for a 100% bohemian look! These shades evoke softness, a “cocoon” and delicate look that fits perfectly with the bohemian chic style. Nothing better to bring out your natural beauty!

The bohemian chic style gives pride of place to natural materials, such as cotton, wool or linen. By small touches, they balance a look too much wise or on the contrary too far-fetched.
And why not indulge in some hippie originality, as to complete your look with a crochet top or an ecru embroidery on jeans for instance?
For a natural and elegant style, just opt for small touches of lace or white embroidery that will bring a sophisticated aspect to your look.

And what about you, what are your essentials for a bohemian chic style?