Bali Life foundation

Women handmade artcraft

the working shop of Balilimum ti preserve children from the streets

Bali is not only a paradise island… As proof, these children condemned to beg in the streets, with all the consequences that are said to key: delinquency, prostitution, diseases… That is why Bali Life, an australian foundation established in Bali for a few decades, has decided on commitment to empower children and parents. And especially mothers…

For their children, Bali Life offers a schooling program in a reception center to educate them and train them in a trade.
For the mothers, a dedicated workshop, Balimum street center, to welcome them during daytime with their children.
There, they are safe and they also can learn a trade and a work to start earning their money.
So their children won’t have to beg in the streets anymore. It’s for them all that Luce chose to work with Balimum and with Netty, the wonderful manager of the workshop.

the workshop of balimum to make mum earn a salary

A fantastic craft to create all together dolls, puppets, traditional bags and many more wonderful items and clothes!